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Tony’s Off Third has been known for over 20 years for its boutique wine collection and wine events. Our wine tastings always feature a broad and thoughtfully selected range of wines. Our most recent wine event held on December 2, our annual Merry Champagne and Sparklers tasting, focused on, as the name suggests, favorite champagnes and sparkling wines, which many of our guests make a point to attend year after year for a holiday tradition. Throughout the year, wine events and tastings may feature wines from a particular region, particular winemakers or vineyard – sometimes with the winemaker on site to join us, or simply a selection of wines that our wine director and co-owner, Sukie Honeycutt, thinks our guests will enjoy!

Tastings are hosted in Tony’s Off Third and our surrounding Courtyard with its beautiful fountain and unique ambiance, as well as in adjacent Ridgway Bar & Grill. Experts are on hand to pour featured wines and provide useful information about what you are sampling.

All wines that we feature during wine tastings are available for purchase in our shop. Sukie’s wine knowledge is unparalleled and she is always happy to help with your personal selection.

To arrange for a private wine tasting, contact Sukie Honeycutt at (239) 262-7999.